Edamame Is Vegan Friendly

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Edamame is not a type of legume plant, but rather into the category of vegetables.

In Japan, the country of origin of this vegetables, edamame including tropical plants and used as vegetables and healthy snacks.

Edamame is a soybean that is harvested while still young and green.

The taste is sweet and the texture is not too crunchy when compared to cooked soybeans.

Generally, they are boiled together with the skin.

Unlike soybeans which are usually processed after being removed from the skin.

Edamame Is Vegan Friendly

Edamame is easier to digest than ordinary soybeans, because edamame has lower and more healthy levels of Trypsin-Inhibitors. it’s loaded with nutrients and rich in calcium.

The protein content is 16%, almost double compared to the protein content of chickpeas.

Edamame can match the protein content found in meat, eggs and milk.

Edamame which has the most isoflavones content, which acts as a Phytoestrogen, which plays a role as a prevention of cancer, osteoporosis and delaying menopause.

Edamame also has the most complete protein content, including 9 important amino acids.

Edamame which has been boiled or steamed can be eaten by peeling it directly from the skin.

Half a cup of boiled and peeled edamame contains 50 grams of magnesium.

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