Coffee – Delicious Drink But Toxic

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Coffe is toxic? Wow! Shocked by this? Obviously, because coffee is the favorite drink of many people in various parts of the world.

There are so many coffee fans, there are even people who have only coffee for breakfast and can’t eat anything else until noon.

This coffee drink comes from coffee beans that are ground into coffee powder.

This process can be done traditionally, by pounding the coffee beans until smooth, or by grinding using a coffee crusher.

This coffee powder is brewed with hot water and mixed with sugar, so that it becomes a delicious drink.

Coffee – Delicious Drink But Toxic

In Arabic coffee is called ‘qahwa’ which means ‘strength’.

This word later metamorphosed into ‘kahfe’ in Turkish, ‘koffe’ in Dutch.

The use of coffee as a drink began about 3,000 years ago, this is because coffee is considered to have a delicious taste and a very tempting aroma.

Because of the aroma and enjoyment that coffee became very popular and quickly spread to various parts of the world.

Besides being delicious, another benefit is that it can reduce the risk of developing dangerous diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and gallstones.

Dr. Arthur Klatsky, a researcher in Oakland, California stated in his research that of 125,000 people who were mostly alcoholics when they were given a cup of coffee over a certain period of time, it was proven that the results could reduce 80% of the risk of infection and liver damage due to alcohol consumption.

The other positive effects of coffee are reducing muscle pain, reducing fatigue after hard work, and keeping the cells in the muscles active and alive.

However, coffee also has a negative effect because of the addictive substance contained in coffee drinks, namely caffeine, which is very dangerous for health.

Caffeine is soluble in the blood, so it can flow to the brain and eventually can affect the mind and cause addiction to people who consume it.

If coffee is consumed regularly in the long term, it is feared to be harmful, such as hardening of the artery walls which has implications for disrupting the performance of our heart.

Other effects of consuming coffee are:

1. Narrowing of the hole in the blood vessels caused by fatty deposits, so there is a risk of heart attack and stroke.
2. For people with hypertension is very dangerous, because caffeine compounds can cause high blood pressure.
3. Pregnant women who consume coffee can increase heart rate, attack the placenta and enter the fetal blood circulation.
4. Babies born to coffee addicts will have difficulty breathing. Caffeine contained in coffee causes babies to be weak, easily infected, thus increasing the risk of infant mortality by up to 100%.
5. Accelerate the occurrence of osteoporosis
6. Increase the production of stomach acid.
7. At risk of developing esophageal cancer for people who consume coffee while it is still hot.
8. Causes breast cancer and bladder cancer.
9. Causes insomnia/sleep disturbances, irritability, headaches, nervousness, and feeling tense.

The caffeine in coffee can also cause mental illness. Of the population of 80% of the world’s population who consume caffeine, it turns out that 25% of them are diagnosed with mental disorders.

Some of the psychological symptoms that are quite worrying in coffee addicts include the following. Excessive worrying, feeling restless and irritable, vomiting, chills with fever, and experiencing mental confusion.

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