How Cholesterol Affecting Our Heart

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Oil doesn’t mix with water, that’s why cholesterol can’t easily dissolve in the blood.

Cholesterol is a kind of fat, similar as oil, while our blood is like water.

Our body needs cholesterol, such as to constructing walls for the cells, producing hormones, Vitamin D etc.

Cholesterol distributed through out the body in the bloodstream transported by lipoproteins, a water soluble particle in the blood.

How Cholesterol Affecting Our Heart

When we have too much cholesterol in our blood, the excess might buildup plaque deposits in the walls of the arteries.

Over time, these deposits keep growing and narrowing the artery, disturbing the bloodstream.

When the blocked artery creates rough edges and damage the plaques, the break off piece will travel with the blood, causing a clot and obstructing blood vessels, which rapidly can block the artery.

When the plaque builds up inside a coronary artery, it blocks the blood flow to the heart.

When the heart is lack of oxygen from the blood, it can cause a heart attack.

This condition usually has no visible symptoms and frequently left untreated.

While actually a pain on the chest, neck, jaw, discomfort feelings on upper body, abdomen, numb feelings on the back, extreme fatigue or short of breath, is possibly an alarm of a mild heart attack and sometimes were ignored until it becomes dangerous and may damage our heart.

The risk of heart disease gets higher as the cholesterol level increase.

Check the cholesterol levels regularly, every 4 to 6 years if you are a healthy adult over the age of 20.

Check it more often if your parents or grandparents have a history of cholesterol problems or heart attacks at a young age.

Heart problem is the leading cause of death.

An adult dies from a heart attack or other cardiovascular disease every 39 seconds.

Be in charge of your heart health.

Don’t ignore a pressure or squeezing feeling in the chest as it may indicate a serious underlying issue, seek medical help immediately.

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