Why Almond Is Referred To As Super Food ?

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Why almond is referred to as “Super Food” ?

Almonds are called super food because they are foods that contain rich in nutrients and vitamins.

Almonds are a source of essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and dietary fiber that are needed for a healthy brain and body.

Besides being eaten raw, almonds are also commonly used as an ingredient in making salads.

Besides that it can also be processed into almond milk.

Almond – The Super Food

Almonds contain high levels of antioxidants, unsaturated fatty acids, magnesium and copper.

This nutrient will keep the cardiovascular system always excellent to prevent heart disease.

The carbohydrate content in almonds is quite low, so by consuming almonds, the body stays slim.

It can even help you lose weight.

One of the vitamins contained in almonds is vitamin E.

This vitamin E can help fight aging.

It can also treat the skin because it contains manganese which plays a role in collagen production.

Because it is rich in vitamins B and E, almonds can help nourish the hair so that it is strong and shiny.

Almond mineral content can also increase hair growth.

The content of tocopherols and fatty acids in almonds can improve brain memory.

While the fostat in almonds helps strengthen teeth and bones.

Almonds, which are rich in phytosterols, fiber, and alpha-tocopherol, can function to reduce cholesterol absorption, can also increase fiber intake, reduce lipid peroxidation.

Almonds contain substances such as riboflavin and L-Carnitine.

These nutrients have positive benefits on the nervous system and prevent cognitive decline.

Folate (Vitamin B9) is present in almonds to make the nervous system work efficiently.

Chemicals called phenylalamine contained in almonds can produce hormonal chemicals such as adrenaline and Dopamine.

The benefits of these substances can increase reflexes, alertness and concentration.

Almond skin is a source of natural pigments called flavonoids, functioning as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory. Flavonoids work together with vitamin E to increase antioxidant activity and reduce LDL cholesterol.

Consuming a handful of almonds every day provides a high enough protein intake that will prevent you from excessive hunger.

Plus, you will get all the important vitamins your body needs.

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