Obesity Leads To Heart Disease

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Obesity is a condition where excess body fat accumulates, so that a person’s body weight above normal.

Fat accumulation is not only directed to the amount of fat deposited, but also to the location of body fat accumulation.

The pattern of spread of body fat in men and women tend to be different.

Women tend to accumulate fat in the hips and buttocks, giving the image like a pear.

Whereas in men fat is usually hoarded around the abdomen, so as to give a picture like an apple.

The addition of the size or number of fat cells (or both) causes an increase in the amount of fat stored in the body.

Obese people, especially those who get fat in childhood, can have fat cells up to 5 times more than people who are of normal weight.

The amount of fat cells can not be reduced, therefore weight loss can only be done by reducing the amount of fat in each cell.

Obesity Leads To Heart Disease

Clinically, a person can be said to be obese when a person’s body weight reaches 15% heavier than his ideal body weight.

Other groupings of obesity are also classified as follows.

Mild obesity, overweight reached 20% to 40%.
Moderate obesity, overweight reaching 41% to 100%.
Severe obesity, overweight is more than 100%.

Being overweight or obese does not just affect the waist width, but causes even worse effects, as heart disease.

The danger of obesity can lead to heart attack, because excess fat can cover the blood vessels in the heart to become blocked.

If this happens, then a heart attack can occur including coronary heart disease. The symptoms indicated by heart disease include:

-Having chest pain as pressed
-The pain radiates to the neck as it strangles and to the left arm
-Pain in the pit of the liver
-Sometimes accompanied by bloating
-The pulse weakens
-Released sweat in quick time and large amounts

In general, obesity and obesity complication diseases affect the quality of life as a whole, can even shorten life expectancy.

To avoid obesity and complications, need to run a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy lifestyle includes a healthy diet, healthy mindset, good rest pattern, and exercise regularly.

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